Growing up in a small town of northeastern Pennsylvania where the population is scarcely 1,000 people, I had to pave my tattooing career. With the nearest tattoo shop being an hour away, I knew my only practical choice would be to teach myself how to tattoo. Already having 100 hours of training in bloodborne pathogens and dermatology from a private school, I had the foundation to begin my journey.

Now that I’ve been tattooing for 9 years, I’ve developed a knack for illustrative/realism as well as making my goofy cartoon designs since childhood! Color work has always been a passion of mine, but since moving to Florida 6 years ago I’ve been perfecting my black and grey work which I have a blast doing. Some of my favorite pieces involve animal portraits or crazy characters with wacky proportions!

I’ve managed to translate my artwork to tattooing after learning how to construct a tattoo properly to last forever and look good for years to come. Any tattoo or piece of art that I do that can make someone laugh, cry or just bring joy to makes it all worth it!

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